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Centrifugal Process Pump

RKC series

In this type of pumps, the pumping effect is obtained by exploiting the action of the vortex induced into the liquid by a special impeller. Thanks to the shape of the impeller and to its recessed position in the casing, the pumped liquid does not have to flow through any vane passages. It is therefore possible to pump viscous and/or pasty liquids containing foreign bodies of remarkable size and stringy matter without the danger of clogging the pump. Moreover the action of the induced vortex enables the conveyance of media containing high percentage of air and/or entrained gas without showing those problems of the conventional centrifugal pump. The type of construction derives from the RN pumps line with consequent advantages of an easy maintenance and easy impeller replacement to possibly suit the pump to the varied conditions of service.

The pumps of RKC line are suitable for industries such as paper, sugar, food, mining, steel, chemical and sewage treatment systems.