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Centrifugal Process Pump

RK / RKN series

The RK / RKN torque flow pumps exploit the hydraulic principle of energy transformation by means of swirling given by the impeller to the incoming fluid mass. Foot mounting, single volute casing with end suction and top discharge nozzles. Shaft supported by oil lubricated ball bearings. Lubrication assured by a constant level oiler. The shaft is always provided with its protective sleeve; in case of packed gland the deep stuffing box allows the fitting of a lantern ring between the packing rings for flushing purpose.

The pumps of the RK line are suitable for pumping viscous and turbid liquids containing also suspended foreign bodies and for all those fluids tending to solidify and to foul. Therefore, it can be applied in wide industrial fields: chemical and pharmaceutical industries, steelworks, refineries, paper mills, textile industry, shipyards, mining, food processing industry, sugar plants, beverage industry, oil mills, dairies, etc.